Joint Pain During Pregnancy? Here Some Causes That You Need To Know

Joint Pain During Pregnancy? Here Some Causes That You Need To Know

Pregnancy is a wonderful and very exciting stage in the life of any woman, but all that glitters is not gold. Despite the illusion and happiness that knowing that you are going to bring a life into the world brings you, you feel a lot of joint pain that can be very unpleasant.

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Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Joint Pain During Pregnancy
Joint Pain During Pregnancy

During the gestation period, your body will undergo many changes as the baby grows. In addition to the symptoms of this state, such as fatigue, heartburn or nausea, you will experience muscle and joint pain during pregnancy. Muscle pain in pregnancy usually manifests in the lower back, buttocks, abdominal area and legs, but why does it hurt? There are 5 causes of joint pain pregnancy.

  1. During pregnancy, the body secretes certain hormones that soften and stretch the joints in the pelvis, making room for the uterus as it grows. As a side effect, other joints in the body, wrist pain, knee pain,can also become strained and painful. The ligaments of the joints become more lax due to the hormonal action of estrogens and relaxin.
  1. On the other hand, as the pregnant woman gains weight and also overloads the muscles and joints of the body, that is why they can hurt easily. This is especially the case of hip pain pregnancy in the third trimester, when the body has gained considerably in weight.
  1. A postural change occurs, since most of the weight that the pregnant woman gains is concentrated in the lower part of the pelvis and abdomen. The woman tends to lean her body forward, which she compensates for by pulling her back back to restore her center of gravity. This circumstance leads to an increase in the lordosis (curvature) of the lumbar spine.
  1. Fluid retention. In pregnant women, body water increases by approximately 8.5 liters due to the effect of progesterone and other hormones such as antidiuretics. This causes the connective tissue, especially of the spine and pelvis, to become overhydrated and the joints to become more lax and, therefore, pain appears.
  1.  Obesity or overweight. Women who are overweight or obese during pregnancy face a number of potential health risks, including high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and an increased chance of cesarean delivery. It also leads to an even greater increase in the physical load that the joints must bear, causing pain.

Prevention of joint pain

Prevention of joint pain
Prevention of joint pain

The best way to prevent the appearance of these pains is to stay active. Gentle exercise, such as walking, swimming, or yoga, helps keep your joints in shape and prevent pain. Swimming trains the mobility of the hip joints, prevents right hip pain during pregnancy and makes you feel lighter and is safe by avoiding strong impacts. Approaching the end of pregnancy, swimming “on your back” with the help of a float helps to relieve lower back discomfort. For its part, yoga helps prepare for the moment of giving birth. In addition, it favors elasticity and makes pregnant women notice an improvement in their muscle tone.

On the other hand, staying active throughout your pregnancy is a way to avoid excessive weight gain. Although it is healthy and necessary to gain a few kilos, you should not exceed what doctors recommend to avoid, in addition to pain, other negative consequences.

If you feel pain in your ankles or knees, after exercise try to rest for a long time with your legs up (for example, leaning against a wall) to allow the blood to flow and deflate. Something else you can do to prevent joint pain during pregnancy is to wear a girdle around your waist (to better distribute the weight of your pregnancy belly), or splints on your wrists or knees. And already, from the first trimester, it is preferable that you change the high heels for more comfortable shoes.

Natural remedies for joint pain

Natural remedies for joint pain
Natural remedies for joint pain

If you are already experiencing joint pain, there are some natural remedies that are totally safe during pregnancy:

  • Massages: First of all, you can benefit a lot from a good massage, even if you give it to yourself. It relieves wrist pain during pregnancy.
  • Apply heat or cold: It also helps to apply cold or heat to the affected areas. Try alternating a hot bath with the application of ice packs to the joint areas. Specially relieves knee pain pregnancy.
  • Acupuncture: Some pregnant women experience relief with acupuncture treatments, approved with cervical facet joints.
  • Herbal supplements or omega 3 oil: With the authorization of your doctor, you can use certain herbal supplements, or omega 3 oil, that help improve pain in a joint.


Pregnant women have many things to go through during the 9 months of pregnancy and among what they have to go through, there are joint pains, although they increase in the last trimester. There are ways to relieve these pains naturally so you don’t have to fall into despair of joint pain.

FAQ Section

Why do the joints of my hands hurt during pregnancy?

-It’s normal that during pregnancy there is wrist flexion pain because all the joints will ache by the hormones.

How to relieve pain in the hands during pregnancy?

-There some natural remedies to prevent and relieve the pain the hands during pregnancy, like massages, apply cold and heat, and consume supplements of omega 3

What pains are dangerous during pregnancy?

It’s important to have a controlled birth with a doctor to identify the dangerous pain during pregnancy. 

Disclaimer: This article is just information and was not written to give any advice or replace any professional indication. Any doubt you have please consult a doctor”

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